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Alicante is a Mediterranean city that breathes sun and beach. Its unbeatable climate and wide cultural offering make it a perfect destination for university students. Located on the east coast of Spain, Alicante has been the scene of diverse cultures throughout history, preserving many of the historical corners in the old town and Santa Cruz neighborhoods. Regarding its academic offer, it has a wide variety of universities that offer degrees in both Spanish and English, such as the University of Alicante or the Miguel Hernández University. But it's not all about studying, Alicante has a vibrant nightlife and delicious cuisine, highlighting the popular dish of arroz a banda. If you are interested in outdoor sports, Parque Lo Morant or Sierra de Mariola are excellent options to relax after long hours at the library. In short, Alicante is an ideal city to study, make friends and enjoy Mediterranean life.

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