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Gdansk is a coastal city located in the north of Poland, with a wide cultural and university offer. In addition, its mild climate all year round and its white sand beaches make it an ideal place to study and enjoy nature. In Gdansk you will find several universities, such as the University of Gdansk or the Gdansk University of Technology, in different neighborhoods of the city. In the Wrzeszcz district, for example, there are several faculties and specialized schools. If you want to make outdoor plans, the Orunia Historical Park is a great place to play sports or ride a bike. Also, you cannot miss the picturesque old quarter of Gdansk, with its colorful buildings and its famous port. As if that were not enough, the city has good public transport links, which makes it easy and comfortable to get around Gdansk. If you are looking for a city where you can study and enjoy its charms, Gdansk is your perfect destination.

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