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Best student residences in Ourense

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Best residential colleges in Ourense

These are some of the best rated residential colleges by old students of the city of Ourense

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Cheapest residential colleges in Ourense

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Study in Ourense

Ourense has a quality university offer and a wide variety of university residences where you can stay during your studies. In addition, its climate, with moderate winters and hot summers, makes it an attractive destination for students looking for a temperate climate all year round. In terms of cultural life, the city has numerous museums, festivals and cultural events, such as the Feira do Viño, which is held every year in the month of May. Furthermore, Ourense is located in a privileged natural enclave, surrounded by mountains and rivers, offering countless possibilities for practicing outdoor sports. As for the neighborhoods, it is worth highlighting the Historic Center, where many of the most important tourist spots in the city are located, and the Ponte neighborhood, where you can find a wide variety of bars and restaurants to enjoy the nightlife. Without a doubt, Ourense is an ideal city both to study and to enjoy its cultural and leisure offerings.

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