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The San Rafael University Center for Health Sciences, promoted by the San Juan de Dios Foundation, is currently attached to the Nebrija University. Located in Madrid, within the grounds of the San Rafael Hospital, the teaching work that in the fields continues. of Nursing and Physiotherapy has been developing in said hospital for more than 50 years, with recognized prestige among its students for the quality of the training received, both on a technical and human level, which prepares them to offer a comprehensive care in the health and socio-health fields. The building that houses the Center is newly built (2011) and has the facilities of a modern university institution. Its privileged location in the area of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, very near the Nuevos Ministerios station, it allows you to enjoy very good communications by metro, bus and train. Currently, the San Rafael Center offers the Degree in Nursing and Degree in Physiotherapy. Students have at their disposal an excellent team of professionals with extensive experience in teaching and in the development of health work, who will contribute to the materialization of their vocation of providing health services to people. In both degrees they have great practical training is important, for the development of which there are agreements with health centers in all areas, in which the student will complete the acquisition of the skills that will make him or her a competent professional.


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