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Stuttgart is the economic capital of Germany and the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg. This city is ideal for students looking for a city with history, culture and student atmosphere. Additionally, it is home to some of Germany's most prestigious universities, such as the University of Stuttgart and the University of Hohenheim. Stuttgart is known for its modern architecture and its impressive contemporary art museum Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. Another must-see place is Stuttgart Castle, which houses the Württemberg State Museum. The city is also surrounded by beautiful hills and forests that offer a great opportunity to enjoy nature and do outdoor sports. The Bad Cannstatt neighborhood is perfect for students looking for a more relaxed atmosphere with local bars and restaurants. Stuttgart has an excellent public transport network, making it an easy city to get around. If you are a university student and are looking for a city full of life, culture and educational opportunities, Stuttgart is the ideal place for you.

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