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Cotown Coliving Salamanca 46

Single rooms

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Single and shared rooms

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Single and shared rooms

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Single and shared rooms

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Study in Valencia

Valencia is a lively and welcoming city, ideal for students looking for a complete and enriching university experience. The universities are spread throughout the city, with the University of Valencia being one of the most prestigious in the country. However, not everything is study in Valencia. The city has a wide range of leisure and entertainment, from the Ruzafa neighborhood to the lively Carmen neighborhood, where you will find a multitude of bars and restaurants to enjoy Valencian cuisine and nightlife.

In addition, the historic center of Valencia is full of emblematic buildings and architectural jewels, such as the Cathedral of Santa María or the Lonja de la Seda. Valencia is also known for its festivals, from the famous July Fair to the Battle of Flowers during the Fallas. All this, together with its Mediterranean climate, dream beaches and the rich Valencian culture, make this city a perfect option for those who want to study, live and enjoy one of the most vibrant cities in Spain.

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