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Residencia de estudiantes Campus Castellón

Enjoy your new home in a coastal city with an exceptional climate. It is located within the University Campus of the Univresitat Jaume I, which will save you early mornings to get to class in just 5-7 minutes.

The residence is perfectly connected to the city center. You can walk or, if you prefer public transport, there are buses and trams.

You will have a bright single room with a separate bathroom and your own kitchen, however if you prefer to have them cook for you you will have the option of eating homemade food prepared every day in our Dining Room/Cafeteria. You can also enjoy its large garden areas in your free time, play table football with your friends, follow the soccer games in the television room or watch your favorite series in their original version.

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What does this property have?

Room types

Individual Rooms

The best option for those seeking privacy, with their own private space for studying and resting

Habitación individual

Habitación individual

Private bathroomPrivate kitchen

Dec 10, 2023 Jul 1, 2024per person

Accommodation only


Where is it?

Universitat JAUME I, 12006 Castellón de la Plana, Castellón, España

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