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Cheapest residential colleges in Gran Canaria

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Study in Las Palmas

Gran Canaria is an island that offers an enviable climate and a wide variety of options both for studying and enjoying your free time. If you are looking for a university, you will find the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the capital, a reference institution in the Canary Islands. As for neighborhoods, the city of Las Palmas offers you the possibility of living in the historic neighborhood of Vegueta, considered a UNESCO Historical Heritage Site, or in the lively area of Triana.

But in addition to the university, Gran Canaria offers numerous options to enjoy nature and the beach. From Las Canteras Beach in Las Palmas, one of the best urban beaches in Europe, to the Tamadaba Natural Park, where you can enjoy hiking trails and spectacular views. In addition, the island has an impressive cultural wealth and authentic cuisine that you cannot miss. Gran Canaria is the ideal option for those looking for a unique place to study and enjoy life.

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