l'entrée dans le monde du travail

Entering the workforce: 5 points to keep in mind

Entering the working world is not always easy, especially if you are a recent graduate, have no experience or do not have contacts to help you enter a company or organization that catches … Leer más

Financez vos études

Finance your studies: 5 options

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Mental calm: enjoy the university period

Mental calm is something fundamental to be able to have the most absolute well-being and guarantee the development of people, especially when you are in the university stage. University students usually face certain … Leer más

Mental health

Mental health in the university stage: 5 tips

College is one of the best stages of a student’s life, because it is here that passions are discovered, and skills are developed to prepare for adult life. But, not everything is rosy, … Leer más

Méthodologies agiles

Agile methodologies: what are they?

Nowadays, companies have decided to commit to an organisational culture based on digital transformation, which is why they have begun to implement agile project methodologies in order to optimise costs and time. For … Leer más

Travail en groupe

Group work: 5 tips for success

Group work is a great opportunity to analyse, discuss and explore ideas with other students, making it an increasingly important part of many degrees. It allows you to develop key skills such as … Leer más


Museums to visit in Spain

In Spain there are a large number of museums where you can live extraordinary experiences related to art, culture and everything related to the ancient world, which allow us to nourish ourselves with … Leer más

Vivre en Espagne

Living in Spain: 5 reasons

If you are a foreigner and you are thinking of living in Spain to start your university education and plan a future in this beautiful country, you are making the right decision. Besides … Leer más