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Colegio Mayor Aquinas

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The Aquinas Residence Hall - Saint Thomas of Aquinas is a male Residence Hall of the Order of Preachers (Dominicans) attached to the Complutense University of Madrid that has been providing young university students who come to study in Madrid for decades a true home in which to be able to grow as people by getting the most out of their university years.

We are convinced that our long and rich tradition, linked to the University since its origins, has much to continue contributing to the university spirit today. Its motto, Veritas, clearly expresses the importance of the search for Truth as a fundamental value. Human life is a great search for authenticity in which there is no lie more subtle and destructive than the one with which one tries to deceive oneself. Therefore, we believe that a climate of trust, based on a free and responsible commitment, is the best path for people's development. On this path, study, as understood by the Dominican tradition, plays an essential role.

Studying allows us to free ourselves from ignorance and incorporate into our own lives everything good and beautiful that surrounds us. Studying implies trusting in our ability to know, it means cultivating the hope that existence has a meaning that can be revealed. The study, lived in a Dominican key, is the best antidote against relativism and fundamentalism. Both extremes coincide in their distrust of study and dialogue as tools to search for the Truth: the first leads us to indifference and mutual incomprehension, and the second, to confrontation and even violence.

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Swimming pool
Dining room
Study areas
Sports courts
Game room

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9.71 over 10 (7 reviews)

Antonio Álvarez


Los mejores años de mi vida, las actividades lo mejor del colegio. Todo lo que ofrece es lo necesario para una formación complementaria y elview more
Marc Zapata


El mejor Colegio Mayor de Madrid por su ambiente, ubicación y actividades. Cuenta con excelentes instalaciones y un entorno muy bueno para eview more
Pedro Dominguez Conde


Un gran colegio mayor. Estudio, deportes y ocio, lo tiene todo. Las instalaciones excepcionales, el personal amabilísimo y la convivencia view more
Federico Rodríguez Pascual


Mi hijo mayor ha estado en el Aquinas durante 4 años y debido a la buena experiencia el año que viene esperemos que cojan a mi segundo hijoview more
Sergio Montón


El Colegio cuenta con las mejores instalaciones de ciudad universitaria, todo lo necesario para poder estudiar, hacer deporte y vivir una grview more
Margarita García Campos


Buen colegio con habitaciones individuales y muchas instalaciones. La atención muy buena, mi hijo estuvo allí viviendo durante parte de su cview more
María del Mar Gutiérrez


Un fantástico colegio mayor en un ambiente lleno de naturaleza en plena ciudad universitaria de Madrid. No parece que estén tan cerca del ceview more

Where is it?

Calle de Leonardo Prieto Castro, 6, 28040 Madrid, Spain

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